Professional cleaning of DPF, FAP filters and catalysts

Meaning of abbreviations:

English: Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Français : Filtre à particules (FAP) de Peugeot Citroën (PSA)


The best solution for your vehicle

  • Filter regeneration for passenger and cargo program of all models euro 4,5 and 6 standards
  • Up to 80% savings compared to new part
  • Same performances as on the new part
  • Certified cleaning result and measurement of preferences of dirt on the same filter
  • Unlike all previous methods this procedure is completely safe and without additional opening or cutting of DPF – FAP filters
  • This process does not affect the factory warranty of vehicle manufacturer

Filter regeneration

Increasing strict regulations in gas emission into the atmosphere have led to the development of more complex systems in the area of vehicle exhaust cleaning. In order to achieve the standards which are more and more demanding today there is a big effort to work on the design and production of more complex exhaust gas cleaning systems on motor vehicles. Manufacturers of the equipment for cleaning and regeneration of DPF – FAP filters and catalysts took the challenge and, supported by knowledge acquired through many years of experience, have developed completely new system for complete regeneration of DPF – FAP filters and catalysts. The cleaning is performed without invasive operations (such as temperature shock, cutting, welding) which ensures physical – chemical characteristics of filters to remain unchanged.
The technology provides maximum efficiency for repeated processes as well, where the filter retains original characteristics and continues to operate as new one.
We have the latest washing and cleaning equipment of DPF and FAP filters for passenger and cargo program.
Since in this procedure opening or cutting of filter is not performed, the procedure itself does not affect the validity of the guarantee.
The equipment operates on the principle of the pulse waves combined with water and chemicals under pressure. 100% environmentally friendly cleaning.
Cleaning with our equipment is more efficient than all other chemical processes after which dirt returns very quickly.


Steps in cleaning and regeneration of your DPF, FAP filters and catalysts:

  • Visual inspection and recording of filters interior
  • Dirt testing with printout of the results
  • Cleaning, regeneration of DPF-FAP filters and catalysts
  • Drying
  • Cleanliness filter testing with printout of the results
  • Packing and shipping


Consequences of permanent removal of filters or improper cleaning

Should DPF filter be permanently removed?
The implementation of new environmental protection law is expected soon with a consequence to prevent registration of vehicles with removed DPF filters.
Cleaning of DPF- Diesel Particulate Filters is a lower cost than filter removal and software shutdown.
Vehicles without DPF filters contaminate the environment in which they exist.
On the DPF itself and around it there are a lot of probes which after physical removal should be software shut down in order not to read the data. And if there are a lot of companies which perform shut down of DPF-FAP filters, there are very few companies which can do this operation in a quality way and without consequences for the engine.
Experience from the previous years suggests that many vehicles with DPF-FAP software filters removal have suffered extremely high defects whose repairs were to be paid often more than a thousand euros.

Without DPF filters your vehicle loses the Euro standard and it will not be possible to drive it in most European countries.


Improper shutdown of dpf may cause the following consequences:

  • Failure of the turbocharger as well as the engine itself on the
  • Turbo hole – delay in delivery of engine power at lower engine speeds
  • Total reduction in engine power
  • High exhaust gas temperature
  • Gas toxicity increase
  • Reduced engine life
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