Turbocharger and intercooler hoses

The company Turbo Ideal offers a complete range of turbocharger and intercooler hoses for all types of passenger and semi-truck vehicles.
These products are on the market under our brand name TURBO IDEAL – TURBO TUBES.

The products are made of high-quality materials and according to the requirements of vehicle manufacturers they are made of silicone, rubber and plastic. Our products are made according to OEM dimensions and can be used on all standard type vehicles for which their purpose is described in the catalog. Our standard offer includes very wide range of hoses, and also we are able to make hoses on your request. It is necessary only to deliver the sample of the requested hose.

You can find complete offer of our products on our website www.turbocevi.si

Search can be made according to the vehicle brand or OEM hose number. If you have any troubles to find the searching product, feel free to contact us and we will help you in your search.
For all additional information you can send your questions directly to the page of this ON – LINE catalog.



All our products are intended for use on standard vehicles with factory performance. The products are not intended for use on modified or remanufactured vehicles, including the vehicles with any kind of software or mechanical processing regarding the engine power increasing or any other processing violating the manufacturer’s specifications of vehicle.

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