Machines and equipment for turbocharger repair

Since the beginning the company Turbo Ideal d.o.o. has been engaged in the development and production of high quality equipment, tools and machines for turbocharger repair.

Our company is also a representative and distributor of several companies in the world which are engaged in production of equipment and tools for repair and testing of electronic actuators on turbochargers.

Our offer includes complete development and production of all machines necessary for work of turbocharger technicians. Our production program includes balancing machines for turbochargers and their parts, flow balancing machines as well as many other tools and devices for testing of turbocharger electronic and mechanical actuators operation.

Besides the spare parts for turbochargers our offer includes the following equipment:

1.Balancing machines:

  • Turbocharger parts balancing machines (shafts and compressor wheels)
  • Balancing machines for central circuits of turbochargers (CHRA)
  • Test tables and combo machines

2.Masina za stelovanje protoka izduvnog gasa kod turbokompresora:


3. Devices for testing and programming of actuators

  • Devices for testing of electronic actuators
  • Devices for programming of electronic actuators
  • Combined devices ALL IN ONE

4. Specialized tools for turbocharger repair

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