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About us

The company Turbo Ideal d.o.o. was founded in 2013 as a response to constantly increasing demands in the automotive industry field, with special aspect to turbocharger repair providing the market with spare parts for turbocharger repair of all manufacturers in the world. Our experts were working for many years in this field as technical managers in the most recognized workshops for turbocharger repair all over the Southeast Europe. All the problems in the area of factory-trained turbocharger repair of all manufacturers in the world were successfully resolved. 

As a leader in this region and main support for other partners in the former Yugoslavia territory our workshop for turbocharger repair Motorkov in Belgrade provided services to the companies in Serbia and in the region as well. According to the market analysis in 2010 we came to the conclusion that market requests for turbocharger repair are seriously increased, as well as the needs for spare parts and equipment for their repair. At the same time we began to work on the development of service network for providing the services in turbocharger repair field and repair of DPF filters.

 As a response to these requests our company Turbo Ideal d.o.o. was founded with its head office in Belgrade, Serbia. Our company is specialized in manufacturing and distribution of parts, equipment and machines for turbocharger repair of all manufacturers in the world. Our production program includes all turbocharger spare parts, hoses for turbochargers and intercoolers, balancing machines for turbochargers, exhaust gas flow balancing machines for turbochargers, as well as many other tools and equipment used in repair shops specialized in turbocharger repair.

From the very beginning the company has set high goals. Thanks to good organization and professional staff we have, we succeeded with our associate companies in short term to become leaders in the area of Southeast Europe in supply the market with parts which are specially produced according to OEM dimensions and quality and therefore are extremely reliable for turbocharger repair. As a company whose management has great experience in this area we have found easily on the market dozens of partners repair shops for turbochargers in all countries in Europe, and we also succeeded to develop very strong service network in all the countries of former Yugoslavia.

Today our company has its branches in Slovenia and Croatia from where the quality and safe supply of our customers all over the Europe are ensured. These branches operate under the same name as our parent company. The head office of our company Turbo Ideal d.o.o. for Slovenia is in Ljubljana. Besides warehouse with parts and training center for the technicians training, we have provided a complete range of our products including parts and equipment. Repair services of all types of turbochargers for passenger and cargo vehicles, construction machines and marine engines, as well as services of repair and washing of DPF filters for passenger and cargo vehicles are provided by our workshop in Ljubljana.

Our customer technical support team has also ensured for our partners using the ON-LINE catalog in high-quality way to choose parts for turbocharger repair which are made according to the OEM requirements. Using the catalog our partners have the opportunity to access the necessary parts for turbochargers repair of all manufacturers in the world.

Cooperation with company Turbo Ideal ensures maximum quality in services providing to end-users and their customers who use their services in repair of turbochargers. In order to improve the quality of our services we follow situation on the market on a daily basis in the area of turbochargers and we provide all the necessary answers. Today our customers can obtain the widest range of different parts with OEM dimensions and quality, and therefore they can repair all the types of turbochargers in their workshops.

Turbo Ideal is a reliable and professional company as an associate or partner who will always give complete technical support regarding solutions for all the possible problems that can arise during turbocharger repair.

Our activities

  • Machines and equipment for turbocharger repair
  • Spare parts catalog
  • Turbocharger repair
  • DPF repair
  • Turbocharger and intercooler hoses

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